Developed with experience and passion

As a certified medical beautician, I have been treating clients with skin problems for more than 20 years. My team and I noticed that many of my customers were overwhelmed by the immense selection of cosmetic products on the market and applied products indiscriminately to their skin. Sometimes it was too much of a good thing, and the skin reacted with redness and impurities. It was also noticeable that many skin care products contained questionable ingredients.

I wanted to change that. I love my job and wanted to develop my own formulations. Effective active ingredients in sensible doses. After intensive research, exchange and collaboration with pharmacologists, biochemists and doctors, Skincosmedic was finally created: a vegan cosmetic line with sensible active ingredients. This result makes me and my customers happy. Because now I can offer products that have a real benefit - and behind which I can also fully stand from a medical point of view.

Gabriele Engelbrecht

Gabriele Engelbrecht is a medical cosmetician FA and has been running a successful and renowned cosmetic institute with several employees in Lucerne since 2006. Her specialty is medical cosmetics and the production of her own vegan line skincosmedic ®.

The skin expert, who writes, among other things, for the magazine "Freundin", noticed recently more and more frequently that a large number of her customers like irritated, reddened and impure skin had increased.

Gabriele Engelbrecht was increasingly confronted with statements such as "I can't tolerate anything anymore".

In 2009 Mrs. Engelbrecht won the 1st place of a competition, where she presented the cosmetic needling. Since then, cosmetic needling has become established everywhere.

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