Is there the perfect cream

Our protective layer of the skin, which consists of fatty acids, squalanes, ceramides, triglycerindene and phosphatidylcholine, among others, is already the perfect cream by nature and has the ability to regenerate and protect itself.

However, due to negative environmental influences, incorrect care, too aggressive additives and stress, this ability is lost and skin problems and premature aging can be the result.

Therefore, a cream should always have its own skin or protective layer as a model from the composition.

But why is it so difficult to find the right care for individual skin conditions? Actually, it's not that difficult if you spend some time getting to know your skin better.

Because yes, the perfect cream does exist.

These are creams with a so-called DMS (Derma Membrane Structure). These formulations, are most similar to the skin, namely skin-identical.

This means that they are chemically and physically related to the skin by their composition and are absolutely skin-friendly.

But what makes a DMS cream so unique?

DMS creams do not require emulsifiers, which are almost always contained in a cream as standard. These emulsifiers (PEG, PPGs) are deposited on the surface of the skin and do not allow active ingredients to enter the skin. Worse still, the skin becomes increasingly dry and irritated. Some emulsifiers are even suspected of being carcinogenic.

Only a cream with a skin-like structure can be optimally absorbed by the skin. Vitamins and other skin care substances can thus develop their full effect.

Furthermore, you should consistently avoid skin-damaging and allergenic substances such as hormones, silicones (ingredients with the endings "-cone" or "-xane".)

Mineral oils (Cera Microcristallina - Vaseline - Paraffin - Isoparaffin - Paraffinum Liquidum - Petrolatum) , microparticles (PE, PP, PA, PET) etc.

Unfortunately, DMS creams are difficult to process and also very cost-intensive. Therefore, they are rarely found on the market. However, for the sake of your skin, it is worth looking for such products.

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