skincosmedic® vegan cosmetics that get under your skin.

skincosmedic® is the vegan cosmetic line of the medical cosmetician FA and aesthetic consultant Gabriele Engelbrecht. In exchange with doctors, pharmacologists and biochemists, she has developed a skin care that creates a holistic balance with highly concentrated, natural active ingredient complexes to give customers a good skin and life feeling.

About us

As a certified medical cosmetician, I have been treating clients with skin problems for more than 20 years. I noticed that many of my customers were overwhelmed with the immense selection of cosmetic products on the market and applied products indiscriminately to their skin. Sometimes it was too much of a good thing, the skin reacted with redness and impurities...

Why skincosmedic?

The sustainable and vegan products of Skincosmedic are creams with a so-called DMS (Derma Membrane Structure). These formulations, are the most similar to the skin, namely skin-identical and do not need emulsifiers.

Natural active ingredients we stand behind

skincosmedic® is dermatologically tested and PETA certified. The secret of our natural active cosmetics is that they have no secrets. Its refined formulas are based on purely natural ingredients, unique herbal ingredients and are completely free of silicones, kerosenes, petroleum, parabens, microparticles and hormone-active ingredients.

In order to promote the skin's own healing power instead of overtaxing it, we take the skin barrier as our model. This means that we do not use emulsifiers, which can dry out our skin in the long term, and instead develop skin-identical skin care products from natural ingredients that are very similar to the components of the skin. With skin-identical substances such as linoleic acid, linolenic acid, hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, ceramides and squalene, our vegan cosmetics protect the oil and moisture balance, because skin aging always begins with moisture deprivation. Dive deeper and be inspired by the skincosmedic® philosophy.

Care for sensitive, dry skin

Sensitive skin in particular tends to be sensitive and needs highly compatible care. To make your care routine easier, we have tailored our products to the natural skin barrier. They protect, regenerate, care for and support the skin.
> Care for sensitive and dry skin

Getting rid of impurities sustainably

When the skin reacts with impurities and irritations, our natural cosmetics help it to regain its balance and build up the skin's protective layer. They activate skin renewal and support it in all its phases. Highly effective active ingredients, in sufficient potency provide for a pure and healthy skin.
> Care for impure skin

Prevent pigmentation spots

With targeted care, you can prevent, soften and even reduce pigmentation spots. The effective ingredients in our products meet 100% of the skin's needs and stimulate cell renewal.
> Anti-pigment spots and sun protection

Anti-aging effect

Over time, the skin changes. In order to slow down the aging process and to activate and repair the regeneration of the cells, we have developed our own anti-aging cream with highly effective ingredients such as vitamin C, marine plantone, argiriline and purslane. It cares for demanding skin and even the eye area, helping it to retain its vitality.
> Anti-aging care

skincosmedic®: Natural cosmetics

To understand how skincosmedic® came into being, you only have to take a look at the shelves. As if the extremely wide range of sustainable and natural cosmetics didn't make it hard enough for us to make the right choice, many skin care lines contain harmful substances masquerading as ingredients. Sometimes this is too much of a "good thing" and the skin reacts with irritations and impurities. As a medical cosmetician, Gabriele Engelbrecht has recognized what the skin needs and, above all, what her customers need: A simple answer to skin problems.

With skincosmedic® we offer effective active ingredients in sensible doses. Gabriele Engelbrecht specializes in medical cosmetics and has developed skincosmedic® in consultation with doctors and specialists in order to offer her customers real added value. A vegan cosmetic line that she, as a medical cosmetician and aesthetic consultant, can fully stand behind.

Active cosmetics that really work

We talk about it all the time, but what is active ingredient cosmetics actually? The idea behind it is to sustainably improve the skin's appearance and to develop skin-compatible formulas with a correspondingly high concentration of active ingredients. Active ingredient cosmetics are not guided by trends, but instead undergo numerous biotechnological processes during development in order to crystallize the greatest effect from a high dose of active ingredients. In conventional cosmetics, the opposite is often the case and there are vanishingly few active ingredients in them.

The sophisticated production makes the natural active cosmetics high quality and unique. Used correctly, it can help with blemished skin, pigmentation spots, care for sensitive skin and prevent the first signs of aging. It has a positive effect on the even complexion and strengthens the natural skin barrier.

Swiss natural cosmetics: DMS technology & unique plant extract

The natural cosmetics from Switzerland are a tribute to nature, because the secret of beautiful skin is in itself. It is the model for our formulas. Good, sustainable cosmetics can be recognized by the fact that they imitate the skin's own hydro-lipid film to build up the skin's protective layer and improve the skin's appearance in a natural way. That is why we use a so-called DMS for our creams, it stands for "Derma Membrane Structure" Our goal is to activate the repair mechanisms and support the skin in all phases of cell renewal. Corresponding DMS creams are adapted to the human skin in their physical structure as well as in their chemical composition and thus follow the sustainable principle of regeneration of a damaged skin barrier. Completely without silicones, parabens, all kinds of plastic and hormone-active components.

skinsocmedic® has the optimal concentration of active ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier and nourish the skin's appearance. The cells get in perfect dosage all they need for health, care, vitality and slow aging. The ingredients of our vegan cosmetics from Switzerland are unique. For example, we use one of the most powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant ingredients, such as coriander oil or frankincense. These have a lasting effect, restore radiance to the complexion and are completely natural. Among other things, our active cosmetics contain, Bakuchiol, a retinol substitute, as well as many highly antioxidant substances such as stable vitamin C, Purslane and Nobel Prize active ingredients.

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